What's audi innovator program? Who is elegible?

I’ve been trying to get an e-Tron GT for a while now, but always miss Sam’s unicorn deals. Looking around I’ve seen people talking about a 10% of MSRP innovator discount, but I wasn’t able to find more information about what does it take to be eligible to it.

It has similar restrictions like VIP, Diplomat program so incentives like Costco and Pen Fed don’t stack.

Find a dealer who will offer to you. Call Sam and ask. You ought to be able to get 10% off on remaining 2023s.

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@HazeT did you figure out the innovator program? I am also looking for it.

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@etzn I have not found anything other than what was posted here. I did follow the advice and called @Samaudibh and let him do its magic and ended up with a beautiful black e-Tron GT Prestige. If you are leasing in California, I would just see what Sam and his team have.


A lot of us will be missing Sam’s Audi deals going forward in 2024


Unfortunately, @Samaudibh just left the Audi and we have to find a successor or switch to a new brand LOL…

@DonnyAudi is a dealer and there are Audi brokers as well. WC: @EZAutoGroup @autopia @LuxConcierge

Others across the country as well.


Thank you, btw if any of the mentioned names know what is an innovator discount, a little bit info might be helpful. I am loading up to get ready for the next round: Costco, Amex, Sam’s, Penfed…

I think etron deals are dead. I barely see any 2023s for sale unless they are hiding under the recall stop sale. Unless Audi does same thing in 2024, don’t expect anything like 2023 numbers

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Sad day indeed

RIP Sam I think is an exaggeration. @Samaudibh is alive and well (as far as I know).
While everyone in this forum will miss his Audi deals, I hope he just found a better opportunity that gives him what he has been looking for.
If that opportunity translates to him bring us amazing deals from another brand, that’s awesome. The most important is the man achieving his own life objectives, our deals come second :slight_smile:

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Incentives and discounts not the same on the ‘24s too?