What's a good Leasehackr score for 2018 GLS550?

Hi Hackrs,
Please find below the deal I’m getting on a GLS550 with MSDs. The Leasehackr leasing score is 6.6, so I’m curious as to what others may have gotten on this model to see if I’m within the acceptable range. And, I know that the acquisition fee is inflated. Thanks in advance!

The LH score is probably irrelevant to something like a GLS550…9% off isn’t bad, and you already know about MSD. See if you can qualify for Fleet or if one-pay is worth it.

Thanks for the guidance as it’s good to know that I shouldn’t expect a 10+ score.

I was able to get an additional $1K off so I’m closing that deal.

Just about to sign a deal to buy ‘18 GLS550. Deal is
MSRP 98850
Price 86245
1.99 rate for 60-72 months

This website is such an asset. My question is; is the tire or maintaince plan worth it? Wife and I plan to keep for 10 years or so. It’s going to be our Club Volleyball travel vehicle for girls qualifiers. Lol.

Let me know if any of the “add ons “ are actually worth it. My typically response is no to anything the finance guy is selling.


It’s not worth it if you’re buying the suv. For leasing, it’s worth it as they residualize the maintenance package and all services are required before returning a lease.

That’s whaf I wanted to know, thanks! How about any of the extended warranties? Worth it?

My instincts are always no but I don’t technically know.

I’ve never owned a Mercedes long term…only leased for 3 years or less. But, over 8+ leases, I haven’t had any major mechanical issues. Our current 2018 GLS550 has had no problems, but we’ve only had it since August. So, I can’t tell you if the extended warranty is worth the expense.

No reason to buy extended warranty now. You still have original bumper to bumper warranty for the next 4 years. A lot could happen in the 4 years. You can buy extended warranty a day before original warranty expires.

Thanks for the feedback guys!