What's a good deal for 2019 BMW X3 xdrive

Shopped around with couple Bay Area dealers and it’s a very frustrating experience, pretty rude sales guys that were not helpful and keep on pointing at MSRP and not showing real prices.

What would be a considered a good deal for a 2019 X3 x-drive w/ NAV, convenience pkg?

Best one I saw so far (excl. NAV pkg):
$48k MSRP
$42k sale price
$5.4k cash due
$435/month (including tax)
10k miles / year

Which doesn’t seem good based on things I’m reading on the forum.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like they’re marking up the MF if you ask me. We’re in SoCal, but if you’re willing to make the trip down, we’ve got a lot more aggressive

@LeaseHero- Happy to make the trip for a good deal.

What’s the best way to see pricing details for an X-drive with nav and convenience pkg?

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I can work a quote for you no problem for that specific case! Feel free to reach me at (714) 881-2719 (text preferred).


Sharing my experience since I’m also X3 shopping in the Bay Area at the moment.
My best quote so far is 7.2% off any in stock MSRP then stack all May BMW FS incentives (loyalty + lease cash + OL code). This gets me to about a $6500 discount all in.

My impression is we should explore looking outside the Bay Area for a deeper discount and then pay for our own transport cost. Not sure if this would amount to any substantial difference. Hoping the “pro” hackers can chime in.

Thanks for that data point. Very helpful. I was pretty frustrated yesterday, was not expecting such rude and not helpful sales staff. I’ve owned Merc and Audi before and the sales experience was great. I’m really tempted to go for a model 3 at this point, even thought it’s more money but the pricing is clear and sales staff there just doesn’t give that sleezy vibe these BMW dealers have been giving. Maybe it’s just bad luck.

Let’s shop for deals tgt. Any dealers out there that can offer a good deal will get 2 customers for it

Texted you. Will share the quote here so our friend @caro74 can join in as well if interested :slight_smile:

Hi Kokobear,
Any update for good 2019 BMW X3 xdrive price?