What would you buy for $10k?

what kind of legless passengers fit in those back seats

4yo kids lol

There are tons of these around in FL for <$10k with less miles. Search in FL


Definitely the best car in this price range.


The four-legged ones.

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5-10% of the retail price just to get the front cover replaced. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, unfortunately I’m picky on the color combination. :sweat_smile:

Ouch, it’s gone 3 days after I linked that SC430 here. If any LH picks it up, I should ask them to pay me for the referall :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im selling my 2017 Focus ST ST3 for 9500, does that qualify for this thread?

135k miles, clean title, does have a dent on the passenger rear door and some scrapes/damage on the rear bumper.

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Queens - A mecca for curbstoners

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How did this end up 3,000 miles away from the closest hydro station?

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Nothing beats those town cars/grand marquies/crown vics


Based on his earlier videos certain Buicks with the 3.8 are almost equally recommended by him.

For the average driver, a FWD Buick is probably more convenient than the RWD Lincoln if they live where it snows or really gets cold in the winter.

Agreed. The older Buicks with the large v6, like the lesabre have bulletproof motors and ride quite well. They were/are also advanced for their age imo…in terms of memory, electronics, etc.

And better fuel economy.

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For the power and size of those boats, stupid fuel economy. LeSabre will do in the 30’s without trying.

It was a shame to see Buick stop making sedans imo. But that is what the times have demanded.