What would Suze do?

Well then, It’s decided. If Jay and Suze say so, It must be so.

Isn’t Suze the bigger scammer there is, after Megachurch TV evangelicals?


What would Madonna and Kim Kardashian do ?

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Kim Kardashian addressed members of Congress, what do you have to show for yourself? :grin:

Jay also has 150 cars. I don’t think he’s exactly worried about long term maintenance and being underwater on anything.


My average monthly maint on a 10 year old daily driver is something like $200/mo. Also factor in that the gas mileage isn’t what it used to be so I’m spending about an extra $40/month on gas. I could certainly lease something something and save or break even.

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I mean they’re not wrong - if you’re considering an advertised lease offer, that is. :joy:


It’s all about price of lease. I have a tough time thinking anyone is going to do better buying then leasing a Buick Encore for $140 bucks a month after tax and that was not at all a unicorn deal. That’s only $25k over 15 years assuming you jump from good deal to good deal. The only way you come close to that number buying is buying two base sentras 7.5 years apart and hope to not have too many maintenance issues.

But for most Americans buying a car for cash is too complicated never mind working out a lease. For those 90+% of people, yeah they should probably not lease a car.

Buying a 3 year old camry/accord is the best lowest total cost of ownership tco. I cannot argue with that. Factor in dealer and bank fees, insurance etc I am sure the tco on 140 encore is probably slightly higher. Plus there is no guarantee the 140 deal is there in two or three years when interest rates go up.
I am sure the encore requires insurance of around 60 monthly whereas a paid off camry can be dropped to 30 or 20 a month for a good driver.
However lease hacking is the cheapest way to drive certain new cars (or even gently used loaners). Those hacks are obviously for cars that are surplus and supported by manufacturer programs eg encore s90 etc

You do see someone from time to time trying to lease a 100k escalade platinum for 1700 a month with rv of 50%. That you have to say is possibly not a good use of money on such a high msrp and low rv. You are definitely better off buying a gently used one


more lease hacks for us!