What to expect in the 4th Quarter?

New to leasing, but i love playing this game. The deals really fascinate me and the idea of owning a new vehicle for 2 or 3 years is very appealing to me. I was almost ready to pull the trigger on a Stelvio, but it did not have Apple Carplay so I relented. What should I be expecting in the 4th quarter as far as deals go? Just looking for a luxury SUV. Not really loyal to any brand.

hopefully a christmas miracle


Can’t the Alfa dealers retrofit CarPlay into some of the Giulias and Stelvios that didn’t originally have it? I thought I read something here about clever dealers doing it under a warranty replacement.

In terms of 4th quarter the colder it gets the hotter things generally get for sports car deals. Last year was NSX, F-Type R’s, Corvettes, Ghiblis so likely to see something similar.

Looking at inventory numbers Audi SQ5 and Jag E-Paces are a good outside bet but being SUVs won’t get so much off.