What to do with my existing lease?

Is it best to turn our existing lease in to the dealer we leased it from or have the dealer we’re looking to lease from next ‘buy’ it from us? We currently have a base Jetta coming off a 10k/yr., 42 month lease at the end of May. There are only 23k miles on it. We’ve been looking at mid or full sized trucks for our next lease, GMC Canyon Crew Cab or Ext cab Sierra, Chevy Silverado, etc.

Perhaps too early to say…Depends on your equity in the car

If 0 or neg = return and walk away
If pos = see who will buy it for the highest amount

Piggybacking off max g, take it car max, see what they will give you. That will give you a quick easy guide as to what you car is worth. But because of dieselgate i am guessing not much. 3 Year old CPO’d jettas are around 10k.

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Thanks guys, yeah that’s what I was thinking.

My last offer from Carmax was a waste of time.

unless you put ton of cash down or you had a high payment you won’t have equity. Sedans like this are not desirable at this time, Carmax is mostly looking for SUVs.

I was not suggesting it as a place to sell, i was suggesting it as i a guide, if they will give you 8 you can probably get 10 for it private party. They are good for lightly used luxury SUV’s. We had a rx350 we sold for the buy out a few months before lease turn it.

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Not even useful as a guide IMO for sedans and other cars. They offered 8.5 when I’ve had three private offers at 14.5


Thank you all for the info, we’re just beginning to really delve into the leasing process and it’s a tad overwhelming!

Don’t be overwhelmed. Lots of good info on this forum. Plus you have time. And one of the moving parts of your next deal (the trading in of your Jetta), you can just walk away from…

Thanks again, it looks like we’ll be holding onto the Jetta till lease is up in a few months. Did the research and made some phone calls and for several reasons, dieselgate and the newer 1.4Lturbo, no one wants it… boo
But on a much better note we found an amazing deal on a new lease tonight for the truck my husband wanted, $120/mo, 24mo for GMC Canyon Crew Cab SLE with $143 Down total! They were trying to get rid of the last couple of their older inventory and I happened to check their website right after they posted it today! So we’all have to carry 2 leases for a few months but at that price we couldn’t pass it up! Just got home with it an hour ago, long night but worth it.

That’s awesome! Please post a new thread under “Share a Deal” with some numbers – I’m sure many would be interested to hear about it.