What to do Land Rover/Subaru/Mini

Since you all seem to have extensive knowledge, I am hoping to get some information that would help. If this forum isn’t for this please let me know where I can get some solid advice. thanks in advance for any help.

we have 10k to put down and she has over 700 credit score, we live north of Atlanta in GA.

So the wife was really set on getting a lease on Land Rover Disco Sport HSE. I have read nothing but negative things on this car, from cheap material to mechanical issues. The idea was to lease it then buy it.

  1. Should we put this much down?
  2. Thoughts on this car?
  3. Thoughts on cars below?

The second/third option would be the ones below until we find an SUV she likes.
Mini Coupe 2 door
Subaru Crosstek

Subaru is the best, if buying at the end of the lease is your goal. Don’t use any of your cash on a lease now, use it to buy your leased car out.

Never put money down on a lease.


How the heck does a Mini Coup qualify as an suv?
Crosstrek probably leases worse than a Forester.
I have also read nothing but bad things about the Disco.
There is a HUGE gap in her choices. If she wants more luxo, check out the Grand Cherokee. Hyundai SUVs are pretty good, too. With the jeep, you can get big discounts and low RV through 3rd-party banks, which will make buying It out more attractive.

thank you all for the feedback really appreciate it.

I have a 2016 Discovery Sport and have pros and cons to say about the brand.

Luckily I leased this first year model (2015 manufactured) and I will turn her in soon.

The Pros:
Super handling AWD traction off road without a single alignment needed.
Seats have easy entry/exit feature where they drop when parking and raises when put in drive.
Seats have optional climate control - ventilates for no more sticky backs and bottoms…
Towing is awesome at up to 9,000 lbs from a small 4 cylinder engine!
Perfect for snow, ice, rain and chain required areas - just change from AS tires to winter studless.
Nice visible lighting inside and out.
Drives like a road magnet - especially around power turns using the torque vectoring system.
3rd row option is very handy for kids that need a lift.
Very safe and solid car.
Doors are sound like a vault door closing - very heavy.

The Cons:
Glitchy infotainment, Nav, and radio settings - like a bad British play.
Annoying rattles, ticks, creaks, squeaks.
Seats are not that comfortable - hard leather reminds me of the Dakota leather on BMWs.
No trailer brake control.

Buying a Land Rover at the end of a lease (or indeed, at any point) is always inadvisable. Lease only. The Discovery was always traditionally more of the ‘agricultural’ choice in the line up and whilst the new model is way, way more car like than the original I still don’t think it’s ‘Range Rover lite.’ I rented one about a year ago and I have to say I thought the materials were pretty cheap and nasty, there were some rattles even though it only had 4,000 miles on the clock and I hate the JLR infotainment which is infuriatingly rubbish. Make sure you take an extended test drive.

The mix of cars you mention is perplexing - A Disco sport to a Mini coupe to a Subaru Crosstrek? What’s more important for you/your wife? You’re in Atlanta so don’t need it for winter so I’m guessing it’s a higher seating position preference?

thank you for the info 4sallypat

Bjam yes we changed our minds after lots and lots of reviews like yours about the Disco Sport. Sad because it looks great. She is now looking at the Hyundai 2019 Santa Fe, 2019 Tuscon (pending it coming out soon) or 2019 Rav 4

yeah i’m quite excited to see the new Rav4 too. The current model is well, well past it’s prime with one of then nastiest interiors out there (yet it still sells in crazy numbers - 42,000 units in August, almost a record!) - so the new one can only improve right!?

I have nothing to add to this thread, except to say that your wife is freaking awesome for cross shopping a Subaru Crosstrek and a Land Rover Discovery :smile: