What the heck is wrong with GMTV? (Aka, GiveMeTheVin)

Submitted my 4xe a while back. Their offer was way below current auction values. I simply said “No thank you.”

I then get this reply.

My computer isn’t showing my reply in a format I can screenshot, but here is a copy and paste:

I realize only one Sahara has gone through Manheim, but it got $55k with near 500 miles. The two High Altitudes in the northeast were $56k and $59k, and the Rubicons are well over $60k.

So then he texts me, and you can see my reply:

I never received any response to that text, but of course I keep getting emails every couple of weeks asking me for a status update. I finally decided yesterday to write a reply. Here is what transpired. (I have snipped it together to show the proper order and make it easier to read)

Business must be rough for these folks to get so upset at being rejected. You can be damned sure they won’t be making anything off me now or in the future. I don’t need the headache that obviously comes with dealing with this outfit.


I have had good experiences with them. Looks like you just got a weird guy for a contact.

Maybe chuck is a terrible buyer?


The caps will keep those North Eastern robots away…what a joke


My guy types with a third grade education.


That’s some stellar customer service right there. Good job GMTV.

They’ve probably been hanging out with the Rodo guys.


Must be some weird ass Starbucks of bad auto cs, where they all hang out,

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You should listen to John Clay Wolfe show on Saturday mornings. The guy is something :slight_smile:

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Why even have this argument or keep going back and forth. You told them your number, they don’t want it, conversation over.


Make like Elsa and let it go. Report emails as spam, block number.


Of course I’m done with them. And, I agree, I gave my number. So why do they keep contacting me? In any case, I wanted a complete story. Wouldn’t be a fun post if I cut them off too early. :yum: :joy:

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They lowballed me on my Camaro over the summer. I just thanked them and they never bothered me again. Seems you just got one of their more difficult reps. Others have praised them here, but I can’t comment.

What’s your payoff btw on the 4xe?

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Icing on the cake is that I got an automated email asking me to post my review on their facebook group and other places. That’s what prompted this thread, really. I figured it was a better place to post my review.

I don’t have my official payoff. Should be around $45k.

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I honestly had a great experience with them with my Model 3 :man_shrugging:

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Funny. Just got a text and email stating they have upped their offer to meet what I asked for 2 mos ago. ($52k for a Sahara 4xe with hardtop and cold weather, for those keeping score)

I’m not responding

Why, tell them the market changed and you now want 56k :slight_smile:


Actually, it has. I just checked for fun. 10/5, an Orange Sahara 4xe with 6800 miles just crossed the Manheim block in Baltimore for $58k!! NUTS! Another one (gray) in NC sold the same day for $55.5k with 2800 miles.

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Definately go back to them with 60k, and tell them FINAL OFFER, they have 24 hours to accept or it will become 62!


How do you get access to Manheim info? I’m assuming you have to subscribe to some premium service?

Dealer access only. I have a friend. :slight_smile: