What SUVs are currently leasing well that are top trim level?

Seems like a lot of good lease options recommended are for lower trim levels. Are there any current 2-row SUVs that are a top trim level that lease well?

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Maybe QX50?

Try using the search function and see what you find

The CX-5 Grand Touring Reserve is finally leasing pretty decently. I updated the prices for august on my post.



Yeah those CX-5’s look like a pretty damn good. No hastle broker too.

Don’t think you’ll find better value outside Mazda unless you’re looking for a brand.

X3 lease fairly decently if you can anchor into loyalty.

Who cares about trim levels when they vary across brands so much?

What features do you need?


Heated seats, ventilated if offered, land assist, adaptive cruise control, rain sensing wipers, panoramic moonroof if offered, the largest infotainment screen offered.

X3 is the ticket.

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Thanks. Does the xDrive or M model lease better?

Following, curious what vehicles get mentioned. Not many offer ventilated seats though.

I generally don’t type in all caps, but I am going to make an important exception.


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Lexus NX can be a good choice depending on what part of the country you are in. It has all the features except for pano sun roof.

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From the research I’ve done myself, here’s what seems to lease good and bad…

-Subaru Outback Limited and Touring
-Jeep Cherokee Limited and High Altitude
-Mazda Grand Touring & Reserve (not Sig.)
-GMC Terrain Denali

-Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate
-Volvo XC60 AWD
-Audi Q5 AWD
-Jaguar F-Pace AWD
-Jeep Grand Cherokee (top trims jump a lot in price)
-Ford Edge ST
-Acura RDX AWD
-Toyota RAV4 Limited
-Honda Passport Touring

Define “lease well”

I think sharing your budget is also important

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but their massaging seats are good, only reason im stuck looking for that package on an x5

when you see M think this “More power, More expensive”

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Good point. I’m thinking a $40k SUV for $400/mo range $0 DAS, $50k for $475/mo range $0 DAS. Haven’t explored $60k+. 7.5% sales tax FYI.

Open to loaners? Because a highly optioned car is going to need more discount to fit in your range.

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Very open to loaners. Seem like they’re hard to come by though.

Definitely Subaru Outback is leasing better… I got quote from a local dealer for limited in Midwest $390 with 1st month down all tax and fees included.

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