What states make up Volvo’s different regions?

Is there a map or list? I know some states have the $2000 teacher rebate but not mine so I want to purchase from a dealer in one of those states. Is Kentucky in the same region as WV and Ohio?

Honestly I think your best bet is a volvo forum

I don’t think anyone here has that (or would need to have it)

Thanks. I will try that and see if I luck out. Know any volvo forums? Lol

Google is your friend

I guarantee you we have a way better idea of the answer to this than the guys at swedespeed

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A regional volvo map? I just don’t know who here would have such a thing

At least we know there are different regions

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Maybe BMW and Audi marketing managers would have one? :wink:

You can answer this question in about 5 minutes of work. Build the car on Volvo’s website and use the estimate my payment feature to see the incentives for different zip codes in states within the range youre willing to travel to.


@Benedetto posted the regions before, I think. I believe it’s NE, South, CA and mid-West

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Will it show the teacher rebate there?

I think there has to be more than that?

New England and tri state are different than mid-Atlantic no?

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No, I was surprised also. Mid-Atlantic somehow belongs to South

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Doesn’t sound right


Yes, I believe it does

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I think there are differences inside regions (mid-Atlantic and South)


I think there are more. Based on what I’ve seen on Edmunds, for instance, the XC60 has different incentives in FL and Georgia.

I saw you posting there, @jeisensc!

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Best way is to go by zip in Volvo payment estimator

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Yeah all this Volvo costco and bonus trunk money triggered my car-ponfarr early, and I’m shopping wagons and T8s. :red_car: :sweden: :battery: :dollar::money_with_wings:

Shout out to all the LHs PMing me about it now :facepunch:t2::love_you_gesture:t2:

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Generally speaking the rebate is going to be tied to your ZIP Code not to the region. The region might offer the rebate, but as soon as you try to pass it thru the dealership your ZIP Code will probably disqualify you for the rebate. If you find a dealership that offers it then I would contact them and ask that question before you invest too much time in this.