What should be the lease of Honda Civic Touring 2016 in Rochester NY?


I am living in Rochester and I am trying honda civic touring for lease. Every dealer trying to screw me up. I started creating credit history in october 2015 and having 690 credit score. What will be the good leasing option that can be negotiable for me. Any help will be appreciated.

Ok two things.

  1. the new Civic Touring is extremely hard to find ive been told. So you won’t be able to get a “deal” on one right now. Wait a few months if thats what you want.

  2. If you just started building your credit in October, you will almost certainly need a co-signer if you want a decent interest rate. I had a credit card for probably 2 years before I got my first car and I still needed a co-signer and I had a 700+. That number really doesn’t matter a whole lot though unless you have some previous loans.