What’s a good deal on a 2020 Honda HRV? Share numbers?


Looking for some numbers on 2020 HRVs LX or even EX. 2021 numbers are welcome as well. Obviously looking for the best deal on either in NY area but willing to go to NJ for the right deal.

Looking for:
-Dealer invoice price
-Confirm 63% residual?
-Confirm .00076 MF?

Had a couple of offers but they seem pretty high. No dealers so far have been willing to come down more than 3-4% off sticker price and want to see if there’s a better deal in my area. Thanks hackrs!

Have you confirmed rv/mf/incentives with Edmunds?

Who cares about invoice?

Confirmed RV and MF with a couple of dealers already. Should be RV 63% and MF .00076, $1k loyalty rebate for 2021 and I believe about $1250 combined for a couple of 2021 incentives… Just care about invoice to see how much room there is for a deal. Seems like dealer markup is relatively low for these and want to make reasonable offers.

How about you do some research and come back with some quotes. LH isn’t here to spoon feed you.

The question was if you had confirmed them with Edmunds. You want to independently verify the numbers from the dealers so you can know if they’re marking them up or not. That will also remove any confusion over incentives, etc.

Knowing invoice doesn’t tell you how much room there is for a deal.