What large SUVs lease well under 625


If you really want to save money, it’s up to you to be really proactive.

You can narrow down which SUVs meet your criteria and then search the forum for deals on each, adjusting for taxes, DMV, etc.

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Not a requirement. A want. But I want to get the most bang. I will look at the rdx as well. I don’t know that the Mazda is much bigger than the pathfinder. GMC and chevy all don’t look like they lease well which is probably what I am looking for. They look like they are the largest with the exception of a ford expedition xl. Suburban xl or chevy Tahoe. But from what I have seen they are all in the 7 to 800s a month. Thanks!

Will do. thanks.

A lot of things factor into size but at some point you can’t change physics. I like googling car dimensions. The RDX is way smaller than a Pathfinder - 12 inches shorter to be exact. Also the CX-9 is the smallest three row SUV. Bigger than Pathfinder means going up a class. To a full size SUV.

Enclave Essence, even Eith 20” wheels, Sight & Sound Package and dual sunroof. It’s actually a nice car and more spacious than my Tahoe. I haven’t pulled the trigger because I’m annoyed that I cannot get lease loyalty rebates since my current vehicle isn’t leased through GM Financial… great value though either way.

XC90 or Hyundai Palisade.

I’m not sure why people find the need to comment on something if they have nothing productive to add. I am in the exact same place as OP as I’m sure many others on here are and I for one, look forward to any opinions and advice someone might be willing to share. Especially if they have already gone through this situation. Thank YOU for your question OP.


Pallisade, Telluride, q7, xc90

I just leased a q7 for a 36/12 term $561 all in with Audi Care. MSRP on the suv was $60510
Great suv. Lots of space. Drive is very smooth. I considered the xc90 as well but was never a fan of using a touchscreen to control 90% of the car functions. The seats on the volvo, though…best in class

No captains chair, but check out the thread on 2019 Q7’s and see if you can replicate one of those deals. $500-$600…so it appears within your budget. Havent tried out my third row yet…not really sure it is that usable.

We get a ton of threads on here from people wanting to be spoon fed and generic ones saying “hey, what kind of car should I get?” are a dime a dozen. What leases well can vary an awful lot depending on individuals, regions, etc, so blindly asking for suggestions doesn’t do anyone any good.

LH is a great resource for learning how to get a great lease and comparing deals. It isn’t a place to come to have everything done for you.


I have always wanted an audi. That’s a great lease price also being all in. I just don’t know if it will be big enough. It looks like I have to go full size which this isn’t. Probably more like the size of the pathfinder. How is the 3rd row? 2 seats or 3? How about storage behind with 3rd row in use. Thanks for the input!!

3rd row has 2 seats. Decent space for kids and short adults. Anyone tall will have a hard time sitting through long drives. The middle row seats can all be moved forward to create more room in the 3rd row, though. Middle row seats also recline back and incline forward.
With the 3rd row seats up, I am able to fit the uppababy cruz stroller alone with two small carry ons (20 inch spinners). There is definitely room.

Again I can only speak for myself but I am not looking to have anything done for me. I have been leasing for close to 10 years now. I am nearly looking for suggestions. Real world experiences which many people have been contributing to thus far and is greatly appreciated. Someone telling me about what they paid, what they have, how they like it and how it compares to other cars is what I am looking for. Suggestions. I am not sure why certain people on this thread think I am looking for a handout. I am not. If these are your feelings then you need not reply. This was meant to be a constructive conversation and I am appreciative for the suggestions I have received so far. Thanks.


Because on a daily basis, we get people posting threads asking to be spoon fed by making posts that say “what should I get?”

Your post, regardless of your personal intentions, comes across exactly the same.

I’m not trying to be combative of dismissive of your post. I’m trying to explain to you why people are taking the stance they are.

It might be basically the same vehicle as the Pathfinder with a different badge, but it seems the Infiniti QX60 was deeply discounted in the past few months. Not sure if that’s the case any more … and maybe the QX80 is more what you’re looking for? Might be worth taking a look at Infiniti, as you may be eligible for an extra incentive since you’re staying in the Nissan/Infiniti family. Keep us posted on what you end up with!

You’ll gather much more information looking through the posted deals for similar sized vehicles to get an idea of pricing than you will asking people to come in and tell you what they paid.

OP forget the Leasehackr police they are harmless.
On topic, I don’t think there better choices than XC90, Pallisade or maybe Vw. I myself will be looking to replace my cars and will be looking at those for under $600 a month. Probably not a helpful post but if you want to stay in the range these are realistic options.

Please PM me when you have done this and I will reopen the thread.

All of this is searchable information. On google and on the forum.