"What is this add-on"? Thread

Regular air is 80% nitrogen, and it’s free!


Yea… yea… but 100% nitrogen! Why not???

I can see the average customer bragging about nitro filled tires. Yea I got the finest 100% nitrogen, regular air has all these impurities like 21% oxygen.

So I know it’s a scam, but what’s the pitch? Why do people fall for it?

Because the general public is stupid and as long as a pitch sounds legit, people fall for it or they can’t be bothered to argue with the dealer because they are so stressed out.


Here’s some reading material…


To the vast majority of drivers, whether you have nitrogen in your tires or not shouldn’t matter. But to the very small group that cares about inflation/deflation and the number on the tire pressure gauge… :man_shrugging::grin:

At the end of the day it’s for free.


This is a good explanation from a racing perspective:

But these cars/tires are being pushed to their absolute limit on a track. They need every edge they can get and they need to operate within certain specifications consistently. Your Camry (TRD edition!) does not.


Should be “that’s sunk cost for you. Maybe next time don’t add without customer approval” :rofl:


They are nice in Indiana where the temperature changes +/- 40 degrees in a matter of hours. I honestly get tired of inflating/deflating my tires after parking outside a client’s building for a few hours and having the dashboard light up light a Christmas tree. It’s not perfect, but it definitely helps.

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The tire pressure stuff is annoying to deal with, but there’s no way anyone should pay dealer prices for a nitrogen fill.

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I agree with that. The markup is insane.

Here’s a lease hacker worthy for people who REALLY WANT Nitrogen.

Drive your car to costco near the tire center.
Park in front of the free NITROGEN tire pumps
Deflate tires.
Refill with Nitrogen.
Poof you got Nitrogen for free and about 20 mins of your time.


Biggest ripoff is Polysteel!!! As a detailer I can promise you it does nothing except make your car smell like cat piss. Its awful.

The only thing ive ever added to the lease was a PPM plan and on a different car did a Glass protection plan that was the cost of 1 glass replacement, and included something that was pretty much like rainx. 0 deductible on the glass replacement, and they recalibrate the driver assistant sensors. Had this car for 7 months and had the glass replaced 2 times already. Love Ohio smh



Jeez, where do I sign? I will happily pay close to a grand to maintain that color and texture and extend the life of fabric on something I’m going to return in 3 years…


Fudge yes super scotch tape guards.

NuVinAir :laughing:

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Should the car come with the driver at those prices?:joy:

No lies here. Customer first. Of course the dealer is the customer.