What is the best way to handle tax and moving (NY to NC)?

Have a question about how best to handle the following situation:

I am (currently) a NY resident but am moving to NC in September. My current lease is ending at the end of July so need to get into a new lease. My dilemma is regarding the taxes. In NY I need to pay the taxes up front but from what I understand I could also add the tax to my monthly payment. The tax rate for NY is 8.875%. In NC the tax rate is much lower - 3% or $ 475.

My question is what is my best course of action here. Would it make sense (and is it possible) to have the tax added to my monthly payment when I begin the lease and then let the leasing company that I am now a resident of NC and have them adjust the tax? Would it make more sense to lease the car in NC rather than NY or NJ?

Thanks for any advice.

I don’t think it will adjust. In NY, you owe tax on the total of the payments, but they allow you to split. If you came from a state like PA that actually taxes the monthly, then it would adjust in your new state. That’s how I understand it at least.
Many leases allow month by month extensions up to 6 months. My advice is call and see if it is allowed for you, then extend until you move and lease in NC.

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Thanks for the advice.

How does the dealer verify state of residence? Via drivers license or other means?

There will be no adjustment, because the lessor (bank) has paid the entire tax upfront to the state, and neither party is going to give anything back to you AFAIK.

Good idea