What is off about this price sheet?

I was given this price sheet for a 2018 Hyundai Sonata SE and the dealer discount is great ~15%, but it is significantly worse than the current promotion $189/mo $2199 down so I ended up leaving. It was at a Hyundai dealership and they ended up bait and switching me at the end of the day offering a $160/mo $0 DAS 36/10k over the phone if I could back in before they close and right as we were ready to sign they said they can’t do $160 but they could do $180 (edit: $190). I asked if they would honor the price given over the phone and I left when they said no.

That looks like a big drop in Residual Value

First, it is not complete; too many important blanks. Anyhoo, sheet shows 219/mo with only the lease cash down; they tried to b/s you and you walked on the 180 (vice the 160 pitch)

kudos to you for walking but even at 180 that is a steal…

they probably used but did not disclose:
$500 sales event cash
$500 aged inventory selldown

Do yourself a favor and don’t negotiate at the dealer, do everything via email and phone. Shop multiple dealers. Once everything is to your liking go in and sign, if anything is different than what you agreed on, leave and go to the next dealer.


Oops I meant $190, that’s still a good deal and I would have taken it if they were upfront about it honestly. I wonder if it was right for me to let emotion get in the way. They threw a lot of insults at me like asking me if I failed math in college (I was eligible for the Recent Grad Rebate which they left off the sheet). I’m probably going for a Honda Accord (edit: civic) at this point because I see a promo for $99/mo with $1299 down.

Completely agree. Still a little new to this and I actually did get them to agree to the 20k selling price over the phone. When I got there they played dumb and it took almost an hour to get them down to 20k and then they pulled out this price sheet. Looks like I have a lot more to learn.

This probably doesn’t include tax, tags, dealer fees, or acquisition fee. It will be much higher than $99 a month.

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Expecting around $2800 DAS and will haggle that down. I’d be more than happy with a $130/mo $0 DAS, but I’ll see where it goes.

You’re not getting an Accord for $130 a month with $0 due at signing. Pigs will fly before that will happen. Unless you do a 2 mile per year lease


I need to lower my expectations. I see the special offer and think I can lower it even more by bringing down the selling price. What would be a reasonable price? Should I just aim for ~1% rule?

where did you see that accord offer? Can you send a link? Sounds quite good imho even at the advertised price.

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Sent you a message. .

It’s just to get you in the door. Then they make you feel stupid for thinking you can buy something at an advertised price.


I mistyped and meant to say civic, but I agree. The first number they pitched me was ~$30/mo higher than the advertised price at the hyundai dealer

Oops meant to say civic

You still aren’t getting a Civic for anywhere near that. Your expectations are extremely unrealistic and outlandish


I’m going off the special price which it seems I shouldn’t. $99/mo w $2712 DAS. I was hoping if I could work down ~10% from MSRP that would bring it to around there?

You’re not getting another 10% off when there’s probably already a discount appraching that. You can’t discount a Honda like an Infiniti or Nissan.

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Makes sense, thanks for the advice. Looks like the promo price is a good deal at face value and drtodd is right with the problems they’re going to give with trying to get the promo. Would you recommend just shooting for the promo price or to try to go a little lower and by how much?

why aren’t you pursuing the Sonata SE deal at another dealership? That trim leases very well:
lease cash 3500
sales event cash 500
aged inventory selldown 500
college grad 400

RV 54%
MF 0.00083

get a 8-9% discount from msrp (before the above incentives) and you have a great deal.