What is normal wear for a pickup?

I am intrigued by the deals on the Tacoma pickups. One concern is that I would put it to work, hauling hay, manure, soil, woodchips, etc. for the home operation. Inevitably this would lead to scratches and blemishes of all sorts.

How can I anticipate what would be charged at lease turn it with this “normal” (for a pickup) wear??

Wouldn’t a bedliner (spray-in or otherwise) mitigate this?

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spray in bedliner is a must, for a small pickup truck maybe $400-$500. You shouldn’t pick up many scratches, dings, dents if you are doing landscaping, We use our f150s on construction sites with nails, gravel and dirt to occasionally haul stuff like lumber, trash, rocks, new appliances(dishwashers) so we opted for the wear and tear package just to give you an example.

If you are concerned with excess wear somebody here or at whatever captive bank you are using should be able to provide you a list of guidelines, for ford motor corp it’s something along the lines of no dents/scratches greater in diameter than 4 inches, up to 3 per panel.

Excessive wear and tear packages are usually $500-$900 and typically unneccessary in most situations.