What is needed to get a grad discount?

My wife is doing MBA through her employer it’s online , Toyota financial rejected it? What document is needed ? Could it be the dealer who didn’t apply/ is lying?

Must be graduating within the next 6 months or have graduated in the past two years.

If it is in the lease contract upon execution, can Toyota or the Dealer subsequently deny it?

Toyota Financial Services can deny it if it isn’t legitimate I believe

They did deny it citing the reason that it was online and was print out from web based course. Dealer had gone 12.5 percent of msrp on RAV4 and was not willing to chew yup additional 750 so I covered it up was approx 22$ more a month on 36 month

@manishnachnani Is the school accredited? Did your printout show her graduating in 6 months? If not, then that’s why TFS denied you.