What is considered a good number of years in the calculator

I’m trying to figure out with the lease calculator the higher the years the better to deal so what is considered good what is considered great and what’s considered bad?

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It varies drastically. It isn’t a particularly good tool for measuring if something is a good deal or not. Best to ignore it.

Its whatever makes you warm and fuzzy inside. :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally consider anything less than 179 to be an abject failure. :joy::joy::joy:


Good, great, bad leases all vary based on the manufacturer, model and market factors which can make the year score better or worse. I would not suggest basing any kind of deal on that score, it is just a data point to give you a sense of the value you are getting vs. the cost of the car.

Agree with those indicating the LH score is relatively worthless.

Everyone knows you should use the 1% metric instead!!! /s


10 years could be fantastic on a Honda Fit yet it’d be atrocious on most BMW loaners or Chevy Bolts. Now do you see why it’s imprudent to base your deal solely on it?

However, some states are greatly negatively impacted due to taxes. I notice this when posting certain cars in the marketplace. For instance, especially in Texas, a 330i can have only $2,000 in taxes but an X5 can have over $4,000, so while there’s a good discount overall and maybe base MF, when taxes are factored in, it’ll give a score of something like 7.6 when it’s actually a good deal, so I never base anything on the LH score.