What is a reasonable discount for a "demo" GLE?

As some of you may know, the GLE (350 and 450) are hot sellers and have low inventory. Discounts are pretty much non-existent (at least with dealers within 200 miles in my area).

I happened to came across a 2020 GLE 350 with the options I want, but the Sales Manager told me it is the GM’s demo and have 3,000 miles. I never lease / bought a demo car, so my questions:

1). what will be the reasonable ask for discount given the popularity fo this car?

2). since it’s a demo with 3K miles, will this be sold as used or new and will it affect the RV?

3). anything I need to check on the car since it’s not really “new” and know about buying a demo car?

What’s the MSRP?

MSRP: $69,225
With destination charge: $70,220

Honestly it’s hard to say with the current market on these (they are going for sticker more or less)

I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for 10% clean though (no backend rate markup, no hard adds) and see how much traction you get.

Sounds good, I will try that.

BTW, I did some quick research on buying a demo car and the most common thing mentioned is to check if the car have any dings, repairs, issue, etc. This is because buyer never know how the car was driven or if there was any repair.

Hence, is it common to ask the dealer for the following?

  • Carfax report and service history
  • In-service date
  • Maintenance agreement
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Trying to get a deal on a GLE is like


Not sure what you mean by “maintenance agreement,” but wouldn’t the question that would cover that you probably want to know w/ all those others questions be, “When was the car punched?” (in terms of when the warranty starts)

And, yes, certainly do a walkaround to check for damage.

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Agreed. However, I never thought about a “demo” GLE with 3K miles, so I am giving it a shot. :wink:

PS: found out that this car have been sitting in the dealer lot since 07/2020, so maybe a deal can be made.

Oh, it’s something I found from some website that recommend that the dealer include prepaid maintenance, just in case.

Ya no. 2 months is a joke. I wudn’t expect anything significant until its been 6-12 months on the lot

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That means nothing until january.

On the GLE? Not until it gets untrendy.

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Time on lot?

They’re hot and flying off lots.

Just in case what? AFAIK, prepaid maintenance on a demo during a lease works exactly as it dose for a new car.

If you get prepaid maintenance, make sure it gets residualized.

Hence the word “maybe”.

Yep. Did the same for my current wagon.

Well, worth a try, at least for me.

If I don’t get it, eh… all right.

My local dealer had a loaded demo GLE350 with 8,000 miles on it and wanted sticker for it. Was the last GLE they had with driver assistance and the third row option - so even with a ding on passenger door down to the metal, they were looking for all the money in the world for it. Nuts. But someone bought it the same week I was there - I hope they did better than sticker.


Of course my mother wants the rarest spec GLE. Brilliant Blue with machiato beige interior, AMG style package, 3rd row, preferably non-4matic & with ventilated seats = doesn’t exist.