What is a PIN deal?

I can’t find the answer anywhere. PS this should be in FAQ. TIA

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I did search. do you know how many results come in under “PIN”? Most of the results are just PIN deal listings.

I was hoping for a bit more information. What does PIN stand for? How are they distributed? Is anyone eligible? Do all dealers get them? Can I get just as good a deal by negotiating or is a PIN deal way better?

In simple words a pin deal is an employee deal technically but they can be shared with non employees again technically, different brands have this and usually a pin deal is a really really good deal but I’m sure a determined person can beat these on certain cars and brands it all depends but yea if your getting a pin deal your not doing bad

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Thanks Leasecrackr95, this is helpful. I can imagine asking a dealer if they have any PINs and they say, “what’s a PIN?” and I have no idea what to say.

Did you try googling “what is jaguar dealer pin”?

No, but I am not looking for a Jaguar. I did search for what is a pin and found nothing.

PIN is only for jaguar, search would have shown that

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And Land Rover

Land Rover IS Jaguar. JLR to be more specific.

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OP is asking about PIN deal specific to JLR, but is not interested in Jaguar. No need to continue post.