What is a good deal on Jeep Cherokee?

I am looking at the Jeel Cherokee. I will keep in mind the ednmunds $1000 offer, but what else should I consider.

I’m ok with either 10/12k miles and 24/36 months - whatever is best deal.

Also, is there differences in incentives on Chrysler financing vs US bank? Did I see something about that?

What do I need to know! Thanks in advance!

Any insights from the hackers? I missed out on RAV4 deal the other day I posted about because they sold last '16 out from under me while on test drive.

Back to the drawing board. Any hackers have insight?

Be careful leasing Chrysler/Jeep products. Way more variables than other brands and sometimes the best deals are with weird financing companies or credit unions. You have to think about lease turn in if you are not using a captive finance company and if they will have reasons to overcharge you for wear and tear on turn in if their residual assumptions don’t pan out.

Wow… good to know. I had no idea.

That being said, can you be more specific. Is it worth me entertaining still at this point, or should I not consider? Are you suggesting IF I go through another bank… it could be a hassle and issues at the end of term. Whereas, there may be less issues at end if done through Chrysler, but instead not as good of a deal?

Thanks so much.


Correct. It’s up to your own personal appetite for risk. When I was looking at Grand Cherokees, the only dealers giving me quotes that seemed okay if not great were dealers using credit unions. The lease deals through Chrysler Capital and even through Ally were completely outrageous. Some of that may just be due to the dealers around here (NY/NJ/CT area) and your experience may differ elsewhere in the country.

I was just a weird experience for me, and one I didn’t particularly enjoy. I don’t always lease, but have leased before with Infiniti and Hyundai. Both times I had to find the right dealer to get the deal done, but it worked. With Jeep, I ended up deciding not to lease in the end.

Good feedback… Thank you.

I find that jeep dealers are very protective over inventory… So unless your ok with the color/pkgs that are in stock, don’t plan on getting exactly what ur looking for… Gotta be flexible… here in ny/nj it’s like this…

There is sometimes additional bonus cash available for leasing through a lender other than Chrysler Capital, although I’ve never heard of anyone actually end up using it. It’s called Regional IDL Bonus Cash.

For example, if you go to edmunds and look at the incentives for Jeeps, I see $4000 of that bonus cash listed under the offers for a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Altitude 2WD: http://www.edmunds.com/jeep/cherokee/2016/st-200737213/deals/