What incentives are there for 2018 or 2019 C300?

Hi guys,

Where can I find information about incentives or what current incentives are there for 2018 or 2019 C300s (either 4Matic or RWD)? I tried searching on the MB USA website (which only lists those $X for $Y due at signing!) but had no luck. I tried edmunds and they mentioned a lease incentive but that was it. Either I suck at navigating through MB USA website or I cannot find any information regarding fleet program, loyalty, student, military, costco, etc.

Thank you!

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Have you tried asking a local dealer or checking mbworld.org?

There’s also a thread on the forum (if you use the search function) that lists the random affiliations that qualify for fleet discount w/ MB.

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I would like to know as well. All that I have been able to find was on Edmunds: 2018 C300 4Matic: $1,250 and 2019 C300 4Matic: $1,000. I have spoken with a couple dealerships here in the southeast and they act like they don’t even know about the incentives I just mentioned, let alone any additional incentives.

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Hi, in this forum, I think I’ve seen only fleet incentives so far (which I am not applicable for). I will check out mbworld.org

Right?? it’s so weird when bmw and audi both has all the incentives pretty well organized and listed on their website but mb usa lists nothing…and yea I’ve talked to dealership as well and they’re really not willing to disclose anything or outright pretends to not know the existence haha

If you’re an AMA (Medical) or ABA (Bar) member, that qualifies you for fleet. I think the fleet discount I was quoted was $1250?

USAA gets you fleet, as well.

Pretty sure loyalty is still offered. Can’t recall if I was offered $500 or $750?

The dealerships play stupid, ask for the sales manager or GM. Or, better yet, take your business to a place that doesn’t waste your time and play stupid.

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I like the way you do business! haha

LOL I don’t think I qualify for any kind of fleet :cry: I believe the penfed is $2250 but not stackable and also need 1 year of membership before you qualify for fleet discount…

Also I don’t currently have any mercedes right now so I’m out of luck… at least I’m interested in getting a loaner so hopefully I’ll already have a good enough discount! Thanks for all the information though, will be really helpful for others as well