What happened to Costco?



Outsourced their site development?
And, BTW, ‘add to cart’ button stopped working in Chrome

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Working as normal for me. Maybe one of your Chrome Extensions is blocking something?

Nah, I was mostly talking about $ in the wrong place AND ‘add to cart’ stopping working at the same time.


Did you proof read their entire site and check all the links? I am sure there are a few typos and broken links & buttons here and there. Send those in and Costco IT may give you a coupon for a free roll of toilet paper.

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This morning I ordered some Costco gift cards (5% back at wholesale clubs from Discover this quarter) and noticed the same thing.

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Love Costco but their web site has always sucked. They were late to the game with online as they want you in the store so you go in to buy some eggs and come out with a helicopter and 4 power washers. They have made a lot of progress but still bad.

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A few years ago I reported a glaring typo in a graphic on wellsfargo.com via one of their social media reps, and the graphic remained untouched for several months.

Eventually I stopped checking to see if they ever fixed it.

Costco’s website has always been terrible. I remember they were trying to advertise black Friday deals on there last year and the website went down. Amazon then matched all the prices and everyone bought from them instead.

The bad news is that the Wells Fargo rep opened several fictitious accounts for you and got a heftier bonus this way rather than fix somebody else’s problem.