What does $10,000 cash back mean? For the i3

This incentive was on the McKenna BMW of Buena Park website. However, I have no idea what it means; is it a rebate or the same as the recent $7500 iperf or…?

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This could be interesting if there is actually a $10k additional rebate…

Sadly, if probably refers to the two government rebates ($7500 federal, $2500 state)

Right. Given that it doesn’t expire in a month I think that’s the most likely case, but it’s odd to be listed under manufacturers offers.

@BMW_Dave - can you confirm either way?

Referring to Corp Fleet Incentive which was increased from $7,500 to $10,000 but on a purchase only.

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That being said, for the i3 aren’t there still for leases these promotions?

$7500 lease cash
$3000 - extra lease cash
$1000-2000? - Loyalty or i3 loyalty?
$500 - Corporate Fleet (if you’re eligible)

I’m personally hoping that the extra $2,000 holiday credit hasn’t expired yet, and that dealers can apply it on the back-end. I just don’t see it on the website at the moment. I should’ve inquired about an i3 lease back in December, because the incentives I could potentially benefit from are insane:

$7,500 i Credit
$2,000 Holiday Credit (probably expired, unsure)
$1,700 NY State Drive Clean Rebate
$2,000 BMW Loyalty (don’t know if that’s expired too)
$1,000 BMW Sweepstakes OL Code

For a total of $14,200!