What do you think of this hellcat lease?

Deleted unfortunately

It’s a great deal due to the 15 k miles. Go for it. Your payment could be lower if you choose 12k miles a year. Do you really need to drive it that much? The hellcat is not a daily driver kinda car imho. It goes through tires like a knife through butter. Factor in at least 2 if not three tire sets for 45 k miles.

I’m not sure. I’m negotiating this deal for my dad. We drive a lot in CO because most cities are off the highway. It’s a 20 mile round trip just to the nearest movie theatre for example. So we figured it’d be easier to get the extra miles up front then get slapped with .50 a mile over if he does end up driving too much. Plus it’s a 700 hp car. And I bet he’ll be taking needless trips everywhere just to drive it. My dad took a detour away from a ferrari and corvette when my brother and I were growing up so he’s used to daily driving a performance car everyday.

That’s a great deal especially at 15k, assuming you need all that. Pull the trigger.