What do you guys think of this Aston Martin Vantage Lease?

What do you guys think of this lease? It caught my attention at first glance and looked like a decent starting point on a high end car lease.

Aston Martin offering $1,799/mo for 36 months on a new Vantage, with 0 down, 5k miles per year.

Curious to hear everyone’s take on this. Seemed decent as most leases coming direct from the manufacturer usually suck.

Here’s the link: https://www.astonmartin.com/en-us/campaigns/vantage-leasing-campaign---us---q1-2019?gclid=CPv74Jrv1eACFVGExQIdTrgKOA&gclsrc=ds

First three payments waived, up to $6,000