What car trend do you hope to see gone within the next 5 years?

Personally, I hope that small SUV/ Crossover vehicles come to an end. Cars like the Lexus UX and the Toyota CHR and GLA. Another would be touchscreen interfaces- I would prefer a traditional knob that you can scroll. There is so much more that would love to hear!

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Can we just sign a petition to stop production of the Kia Soul?


Elon Musk worshipping. I want to see him in federal prison


I like his product, the guy is basically running his company like the Theranos though,

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I don’t really like the product either. Corolla has a nicer interior than a Model 3 and Saturns had better panel gaps than most Teslas. I won’t even go into their parts distribution fiascos for body work


F*** Tesla

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These TSLA haters :slight_smile: Why do you bother - just don’t by Tesla. The only silverlining - you are well aware that it’s setting a trend :slight_smile:


I’m talking about the cars, not the stock market

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300 a share? I’m mad that I bought it at 35 a share during the IPO and flipped it the same day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I actually feel sorry for Rich Rebuilds at the moment. He’s got a whole fleet of the damn things, he’s clearly a fan of the product and he’s getting attacked by lunatics for having the nerve to add a gas powered car to his garage.


I think they are OK, and definitely improving, but I just don’t see the value proposition at all compared to the competition. Is the Model 3 a better car than the Bolt? I think you can make an argument that it is if you wanted to. Let’s look at it from an average lease deal perspective though. Is it literally twice as good as a Bolt dollar for dollar? I think it gets pretty difficult to make that argument unless you are a full fledged Elon cult member. If you start to look at it from the perspective of what a person with even basic lease hacking skills can attain I don’t think even Elon himself would make the argument that his product is a better value. And once you start getting into the higher echelon of hackr worthy deals, forget about it. The deal I got was obviously very specific to region and rebates, but assuming that you could get a comparably priced Model 3 for 400/mo including the NJ incentives, there’s no way to argue that it is a car that is 23 times better than the Bolt.

Random fake vents, especially on non-performance cars.


You’ll see all sedans turn into crossovers before you see crossovers disappear.


The fake vents on my Gladiator bother me. I thought that maybe it was to shame me for not spending more on a Rubicon, but I believe the Rubicon vents are fake too.

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CVT transmissions


It’s sad really, even higher tier models using fake vents. If you’re going to put a vent there at least let it serve some functional purpose.

Sadly my X5 has fake vents as well.

Engine noise being synthesized/delivered through interior speakers


I think the hood scoop on the Mojave trim is fake too. I don’t see the point. Just slap a desert intake/snorkel on it like the Tacoma and call it a day. At least it serves a purpose.

Subscription services (specifically, needed to remote start the car).

Like, come on, put that shit on the fob as well (even charge me extra for it, idc). But having to pay a yearly fee just to be able to remote start my car only via app is some bs.

I remember using it on my old Sonata (when it would actually work) landing at the airport mid-winter and starting my car as soon as I had service. So I’m not knocking the feature, just that it’s the only option now (besides third-party remote starter).


Most SUV “coupes” are so ugly I wouldn’t miss that trend if it withered away… X4, X6, GLC and GLE coupe… one of them merged in front of me yesterday and I almost barfed.

A Rogue Sport is less ugly than a Versa (albeit more expensive).