What car is good for 24 month lease deal?

Hello guys, and I really appreciate for great information and deal hacks!

I am looking for 24month lease deals for sedans. (in WA)

Considering for

  • Toyota Camry SE hybrid
  • Honda Accord sport (2016)
  • Hyundai Sonata 2.4 sport

what car would be great 24month leasing?

Thank you so much for advise!

24 mo/10K

2016 Camry Hybrid SE
68%, .00012 MF
$1,000 lease cash

2016 Accord Sport CVT
63%, .00041 MF

2016 Sonata 2.4L Sport
No subvented 24-month lease available. Here’s the 36/10K program:
52%, .00100 MF
$3,000 lease cash

Just from looking at these numbers, I’d say the Camry Hybrid SE should be cheapest to lease (highest residual value, lowest money factor rate). Toyotas tend to have steeper discounts off MSRP than Hondas, too.

are the MF and residual national? the official offers i see are horrible 199 with $2500 DOWN for an SE and 239 month for the hybrid one (same money down)?

You can usually do better than the advertised specials because you can usually get a bigger discount on the car which will reduce capitalized cost.

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For the camry se (not hybrid) are the residual the same? I went to dealer today and was told it is not 68%. If not can you tell me the residual and mf for a regular se?

Thats what I thought too, but the offers I tend to get are all still bad.

Hybrid and gasoline residuals are different.

2016 Camry SE
24/12K: 69%, .00048 MF, $1,000 lease cash
36/12K: 61%, .00048 MF, $1,000 lease cash

Is the lease cash national or just regional ? All I tend to get us way too much for this car + tax , bank and disposition fees so even more.