What Car Are You Surprised Hasn't Died Yet?

Nissan Leaf.

I guess it sells well in Japan?


Mitsubishi Anything


Chevy spark

I feel same about Fiat anything


i sold 60 during the first quarter of this year…


Chrysler 300


I’m surprised the Cadillac sedan line hasn’t died out and given way to full SUV line up

There is a suburban, yukon, tahoe and escalade. I am surprised one of those hasn’t been eliminated.

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Another one but not for died, but why does it still exist would be the Chevy Express line of vans. It desperately is asking for a refresh

These cars are nice - stealth wealth - not everyone wants to drive around in a flashy car -

If you’re in nightlife- a flashy car is part of the uniform —- if you’re a cafe owner maybe not - contractor….

Need more stealth wealth ultra comfortable cruisers


But they are pretty much all the same car with a different badge. I can see the escalade and suburban argument, that’s like Toyota and lexus. But why does the yukon exist?

Nissan Frontier. That thing is almost 17 years old.

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This. Always this.

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Alfa, Fiat, and Maserati (Stellantis should combine them all into one point)

After that: Mini

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Any Jaguar sedan. People buy them??

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Kia Soul, I guess

Chrysler - why still around?


You do realize that Nissan has a huge range of vehicles that USA does not even know about , right? Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, suzuki ,etc export a small amount of their model line to USA. USA needs to restrict most Japanese models so the other Car brand do not go out of business. LOL. Check out the complete Nissan line up link (Toyota has even a bigger line of models) List of Nissan vehicles - Wikipedia

The lime green Kia Soul