What can I do better for this 2017 C300 demo deal?

Currently I’m in the middle of a lease with a 2017 Mazda 3 but I’m tired of the car and decided to research into ex-demo service Mercedes C300s.

What I currently have negotiated is based off a $40,425 MSRP and -$4650 equity from the previous lease.
Sales price of the car 28,238 with $2,500 in Fleet incentive
The term would be 36 mo at 12k miles/year
RV at 58% - 1728.60 because of excess miles on the vehicle to bring it to $21,718. Currently has 8,660 miles
With the negative equity the sales price is at $32,075 with a MF at .00069

Drives off would be around $2,600, $1,600 for acquisition, first months, registration etc with an additional $1,000 to reduce the monthly

Which they put me at $324.83 without tax and $350 taxes and all

Mileage penalty is only for miles over 3k, so $1132. How much of your mazda 3 lease is left?

Pretty much the whole term, I’m only 7 months in on 36 months and with it being through Chase I’m unable to transfer the lease.

It’s not the best idea trading it in, but I figured since I qualify for the $2,500 fleet it would offset my negative equity. Otherwise I wouldn’t entertain the idea of getting the C300

Fleet is not really 2500, it’s either 500 or 1000 because it doesn’t stack with one of the loaner lease cash incentives which is typically based into the price. So you -4650 equity is difference between your buyout and what another dealer will offer you or sum of remaining lease payments?

Ah I see, I was talking to the rep and was talking to him about it(fleet) and I saw him input the numbers for an additional $1,750 and he said they discounted the car already by $750. So that must be it.

The -4150 is the difference between the buyout on the car and why the dealer is offering me

$-4,650* sorry, didn’t pay attention