What are your thoughts on hacking an 330e?


Hey Guys, deciding to take on a new project which I believe is gonna take some work that’ll pay off, I wanna try and hack a 330e, do you think it’ll be possible yet since it’s a 2021 or should I wait a few months?

Any inputs or thoughts please let me know!/where should I start?

What have your first attempts at getting the specifics and calculating a lease have you come up with?

Any quotes from dealers?

Other deals in the marketplace?

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No attempts yet, due to 1) super low inventory on a 330e, 2) basically no incentives, 3) don’t know how/where to start, check local dealers/hope that august has some good incentives? Need guidance


Use this site and put in the work.

Or, hire someone to do it for you.

You’ve been a member for like 15 months.


So what does this tell you


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Hacks are generally a combination of great incentive programs (see current E-tron deals with Costco and Loyalty) and very strong dealer discounts. A car with little to no inventory or high demand is unlikely to yield a large discount. The situation you described sounds like the total opposite of a hackable car.

Absolutely, over $5000 of federal tax credit and it does not look like they are passing any of it. It’ll be a while.

$5K where? My states website is saying $500, what do you mean?

Edit: Realized you were talking Fed not state, but wouldn’t it be harder to require fed credits if you don’t owe the gov any money?

This has been talked about many times. BMW might chose to pass it on to you. I’ve leased bev and phev . I’ve gotten full amount all 3 times. But don’t hold your breath on the new 330e or the x3 phev.

So overall worth waiting for the 330e or try going for a 330i? Going to be a while till 330e loaner’s/demo’s exist.

Also, starting MSRP of 330e is 3300 more then starting MSRP of 330i

Any tax credit might just get washed

Instead of asking a bunch of strangers on the internet what car to get, why not go with the car you will enjoy driving?

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And no one knows what the MF, RV and incentives will be at that time. This kinda future speculation thread is pointless.

Go get something that’s in your budget now or wait. Your call.