What are you paying for a 2016 Prius?

Hi all - hoping someone has the latest price on a 2016 Prius (3 or 3 Touring). I’m being quoted 365/405 on those two models with $1500 down. Feels a bit high, though I know there’s no promos this month. Decent deal or should I keep looking?

Is that based on MSRP being your Cap?

Here’s the program for Prius in Southern California:

2016 Prius Three
24/12K: 68%
36/12K: 60%
.00069 MF

2016 Prius Three Touring
24/12K: 66%
36/12K: 58%
.00069 MF

Assuming a selling price of $27,500 on a $28,935 Prius Three Touring, that equates to $378/month (including 9% tax) and $900 drive-off.

Adjust your own inputs here: http://leasehackr.com/calculator