What are you cooking? Show us your creations 🍔

Have you even tasted the seasoning or do you just like to stare at the box while grilling

Both, but like I said - I’ve only tried one out of six.

:smile: You practice better constraint than me. I would’ve opened all 6 and tried them by now.

I use other shit that I like, and this one was mostly a fun gift for myself :slight_smile:

I feel this wasn’t the best choice of words lol

I wish some of the seasoning companies would go the route some of the bbq guys have taken. You can get a small bottle of sauce for a buck, basically enough to give it a good try or two. It sure beats “trying” a larger bottle to find out you either don’t like it or its just ok.


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Tomato, onion and cilantro salad with goat cheese, and a lime / shallot / jalapeño dressing.

Plan A was using heirloom tomato wedges and queso fresco – but I had to make substitutions because the store didn’t have the cheese, and the heirlooms were unripe / rock hard.


Before & After

Filling: blackened chicken, black beans, red pepper, bacon, green onions, garlic and cumin.

Topped with Monterey Jack.

Garnished at the table with sour cream and sriracha.


Dog :service_dog: wanted a scrambled egg :fried_egg::egg:. As long as I was cooking

Pretzel :pretzel: cheddar :cheese: scramby eggwich with roasted potatoes and Oscar’s smoked bacon (I like it well done, this was one W more than I usually do, but still very good).

Not pictured: :watermelon:

My hydration trick for summer is to wash a couple local lemons :lemon: :lemon: and a handful of blueberries :blueberries: in this stuff


slice them into one of these with your water :droplet: of choice (tap, filtered, alkaline, Fiji).



Went to ranch 99 and then threw shit on grill


sandwich looks awesome

my all-time favorite steaks :yum: :yum:

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