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Cashew butter cookies


Ground cashews or are there pieces within? I’ve never heard of those. They remind me of peanut butter cookies at a glance.

We celebrate your use of alternative nut butters. :peanuts: how were they?

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This was from a jar, similar to

The product itself is kind of nasty (really low on flavor, and the consistency is grainy rather than creamy).

I didn’t want to throw the rest away, so I found a cookie recipe to salvage the remainder of the jar.

They took forever to bake (20+ minutes, about 2x what the recipe suggested), but they’re really good… like a classic peanut butter cookie, and the texture is perfect.

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Interesting, I’ve never seen that before. I bet it is tasty though

Cheese Omelette-cooked in Duck Fat
Carnitas “tacos” on Egglife flatbread, sauteed broccoli and humus


I’m in for it all besides the duck fat. I tend to not like duck, so I would think that I don’t like the duck fat flavor. :smile:

One of my favorite little tricks is to jar the bacon grease after cooking. Add it to vegetables, meats, etc. and it is delicious. Its also essentially free so it could be categorized as a “hack”. lol

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This is good, too :point_up:


Yep-it does have a hint of duck “smell” but you can’t taste it though, I use mostly GHEE or Grass-fed Butter (both from Costco) when I cook, Avocado Oil for it’s higher smoke point.
When I cook burgers I add some Ghee on top-gives them lots of flavor

I haven’t used beef tallow yet-my grandma used to cook with it a lot.

Avoiding ALL seed oils is the key, animal fat would be the best option then Nut oils

Try it on your burgers instead of Ghee :slight_smile:

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I don’t really like duck either, and among the very worst things I’ve ever eaten was goose.

But I do love fries cooked in duck fat.

I had them last night, and the night before, at my hotel.

Last night it was steak frites:

And the night before they were paired with a really tasty burger.


Interesting, I don’t believe I have ever seen that before. I would try them but I would have low expectations going in. :laughing:

:duck:-fat :fries: ftw


You cannibal you

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There is a bumper crop of kohlrabis in my mom’s garden.

I love them raw, but I’m also going to do some light research on cooked options (creamed kohlrabi?)

Currently snacking:

Been on the pitboss low n slow since 10am. Now wrapped up in butchers paper finishing up with honey butter. Will trade ribs for a good lease. :rofl:


Mushroom gummies as a “side dish” :laughing: and Perfect Amino for seasoning

Solid juice for Father’s Day

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