What are the May numbers for BMW i3 REX

I am planning to lease a 2016 BMW i3 REX, so wanted the May numbers before I talk to the dealers

I talked to some dealers today in Orange County and basically I am not getting any discount off MSRP. The two I talked to quoted close to $415/month for a fully loaded giga REX for a 10K/36mo lease. Any suggestions?

Recent lease i3 REX with giga world + parking assistant + 20" wheel = MSRP 51,595.
Got it at $5000 + $307/month including everything (tax, reg, etc) for 36month 12k miles/year.
$5000 includes $2,450 MSD.
12k is about $15~20 more compared to 10k.
No discount doesn’t make sense.
Stevenscreek BMW in San Jose offers 5k+ off from MSRP and I got some additional on top.
I already got it but I feel that I can get at least another $500 more from MSRP if I spend more time, but I just did as I don’t want to spend more time to save a few $ per month.
Hope this can help you.

Same here. asking around… not much in terms of good discounts compared to what i got in December

  • Loaded '15 Mega
  • $2500 down (zeroes out after tex incentive)
  • 15k/year
  • $199/mo after tax

REALLY Hoping to get somethign like that agin haha

Residual: 61%
MF: 0.00138
lease credits of $7500 and option allowance credit $1000

See the quote that I received on a 2016 i3 REX.The dealer is not including the $7500 rebate in the capitalized cost reduction, hence the residual value/monthly payment/overall lease cost is higher than the one showed on the leasehackr calculator. Is there a way to work with the dealer on this? I got an estimate from another dealer and its the same thing.