What are the February numbers for malibu and cruze

Looking for the numbers for february for cruze and malibu. Helping a friend lease one and myself I am considering another. I am a volt owner and got a great deal at the year end.

Cruze Limited 1LT
24 mo, 10K/year
62% residual
.00040 MF
$3,455 GM Financial lease cash

Malibu Limited 1LT
24 mo, 10K/year:
62% residual
$4,085 GM Financial lease cash

-1% for 12K/year. -2% for 15K/year

There are also a range of targeted incentives for both, including $2,500 Volt Loyalty, $1,500 Competitive Lessee, and $1,000 Conquest cash (need to own non-GM car).

Is there any private offer this month(could not get anything to pop up)? I would have gotten a good deal last month but that included $1,500 conquest lease cash (only own). Now that there is at least the $1,000 for conquest owners the private offer is missing.
For me the total cost calculation just came out the same or extremely close to a Tiguan (which I’d value as a better car than cruze or malibu limited ls version)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but comparing this to the Epic Leftovers, Part 3 article, only a couple things have changed regarding the Malibu Limited 1LT.

  1. Residual dropped from 63% to 62%
  2. GM Financial lease cash dropped from $4,325 to $4,085 (I assume you’d still still have to find a Bonus Tag model)

I would qualify for the $1,500 conquest lease cash so when I punch the changes into the lease calculator I get an increase of $29 to $117. Should I be able to get it for that price right now?


how did you come up with the 6,585 for the 1LT deal for Malibu in February? I was trying to back into it and could not.

$4,085 GM Financial lease cash + $2,500 Volt Loyalty rebate

If you’re not a Volt owner/lessee, there’s also $1,500 for non-GM lessees or $1,000 if you own a non-GM vehicle.

is the 4085 a public number or no?

Yes the lease cash is automatically applied to your lease.

I was just talking to a Chevy dealer today, and he quoted me the $4085 in incentives as well. He said thats the most being offered at the moment. Im having a really hard time understanding these lease incentives. Is he just bullshitting me? Can someone break down the $4085 ? Thanks in advance.

I don’t own a volt which would qualify for $1000 more than the competitive owner incentive, but Im not getting anywhere near the $54/mo much less anything close to it.

Well the $4,085 EVERYBODY gets that leases that car.
Then you have Volt incentive, competitive lease or owned vehicle.

Don’t feel bad I do not get anything remotely close either, and what I have been offered is a complete joke and insult. For that I will probably end up just buying a car. Leasing for me only makes sense if I get a really great deal other than that for me a useless approach.

This morning a dealer called me back and after playing hard to get the lady on the phone began to budge, and said that I would qualify for the $4085 plus $1000 conquest cash. I then told them that it was a good start, but none of the 5 or 6 dealers I called are willing to give me a straight up “sales price”. She told me that I need to come in to do that otherwise none of the sales managers think you’re serious.I think I need to find some time and go to a few of these places before I make any headway in that area.

Alternatively, Im looking at the Ford Fusion, and so far the Ford dealers have been much less cooperative than the Chevy dealers. The claim the widely advertised deal for 0 down 199/mo is the best they claim to be able to do.

I haven’t had an issue getting dealers to agree to the $4,085 (plus the $1,500 conquest cash), but I haven’t been able to get them lower than $23,800 on the selling price. My best offer right now is $169/month with $1,000 down (License registration etc). Not bad, but not a home run. Truecar is coming up with $23,119, which would get me to $141/month with $1,089 up front.

Is there stackable lease cash with cars with “Super Tags”? Looks to be $1000 for purchases, but in emailed quotes from dealers they have not been stacking with CCR cash and conquest lease cash. Thanks.

The bonus tags you can only see when you search inventory. It isn’t a rebate for everyone on every car. It is basically certain vin #. You have to do your homework. Many salesmen do not even realize until they pull the vin. You have to do the work then quote it to them. It changes their tune when they realize you do your homework.

What the heck, the offer I just got now is like a total joke :

Vehicle Price:		$21,680.00	 
AutoNation Savings:	-	$890.00	 
Customer Rebate:	-	$2,500.00	 
OurPrice:		$18,290.00	 
Sales Tax (estimate):	+	$1,295.71	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate):	+	$498.75	 
Tire/Battery/MVWEA:	+	$8.50	 
Dealer Service Fee:	+	$699.95	 
Balance Due (estimate):		$20,792.91	 

24 months and $1,000 due at signing : $212 per month. This is insane all offer I get just get worse and worse. Who would lease a cruze for this amount? I sure won’t do that. The only reason I am looking at this is for a low payment, otherwise I may as well buy a car for $22k out the door and finance for 0% for 5 years.

What went wrong here? even if I input these numbers in the calculator (so dealer fee for registration cost etc), I get way lower payments.

That is a terrible deal. But these numbers is a purchase not a lease. Lease shouldn’t be that bad if these numbers hold up. Guessing they did the car at msrp for the lease. Where are you located?

that is a lease offer. They break it down differently but it came below msrp (sorry should have mentioned that s the cruze ltd lt.)

I used those numbers and threw them in the lease calculator and come to something completely different.
I’m in S FL.
I was hoping to get a Cruze for around $150 with all fees (so all in final rate with disposition fee etc), otherwise I was just looking into buying possibly a camry.

You should be able to. You need to find a dealer that will move closer to 2k off of msrp. What rebates are you eligible for? Look at inventories on chevrolet.com for a car with bonus cash.

Well for the deal on here it was around $18k sale price, so I guess 18.3k is per say not that bad.

This deal is including $1k conquest cash (and the usual lease cash). Makes me think there must be some error in the calculation (they did not list MF or residual, but think those are national?)

I found only 1 at all that had a bonus tag, but that one came to $21k after the bonus cash off so not any better.

Residual is national. I would encourage a run at it closer to the end of the month. Watch chevrolet site for pop up coupons. I got a cruz LT with rs package for 79 per month zero down on january 4. I am a volt owner which is a big help. ALso had a 500 farm bureau private offer. Everything adds up. get all you can.