What are the best EV deals in SF Bay

Hey folks, my BMW i3 lease is up in August. My son also just cracked up the beater. I’m looking for a EV to lease and hoping to keep the 3-year total cost below $6k (Before the CA $2.5k and the PG&E $500). FIAT dealers up here seem to be getting stingy and those deals are drying up. I hear there are some 2016 e-Golfs around but not seeing much about them.

Anyone got a line on some good EV deals?

Take a look at ev-vin. There you can see many good options. I’m also trying to find a good offer on EV’s and I have found that site useful.

Actually that site is a source of my frustration! In SoCal a Fiat 500e is 70-80 a month with 3500ish down. Up here it’s 80-90 with $5k down. Wish I could drive the damn thing back. Shipping is only $350 but I’ve got to find a dealer that will do it.

Good deals on e-Golfs came out today though. May go that route.

Where did you hear about the e-golf?

Team VW in Hayward is advertising a $29 a month with ~$3700 down, 30-month 7.5k/yr lease.

Serramonte VW isn’t advertising a lease this week, but they are showing $9300 off of list for a buy. One only at that price.

These are for 2016s.