What are my chances of swapping out of my lease?

I leased a 2020 BMW M340i xDrive in late November on a 36/15k lease. Since the pandemic hit, and I’ve setup all of my clients to be able to service them remotely, I’ve barely put any miles on it. I’m 6 months in and have put 3700 miles on the car. I’m thinking of getting something with a lower mileage limit. I’d like your opinions on my chances of finding a taker if I decide to do this.

The car is Dravit Grey with oyster interior. The MSRP was $67,200ish (may be off by $100). It has the HK upgraded audio, 19 inch wheels with performance all-season runflats, open poor fine wood oak grain trim, premium package (heated front seats, HUD, heated steering wheel), heated rear seats, executive package (gesture control, laser headlights with auto high beam, parking assistant plus), driving assistance package, remote start, wireless charging and WiFi hotspot.

My payment pre-tax is $698 for 36 months and 15,000 miles per year. There were no MSD’s. It also has a professionally applies Gtechniq ceramic coating applied.

I was thinking of listing it on Swapalease with no money required except for the buyer paying the BMW transfer fee. I’ve seen a few of these on here, some more expensive and some less, but nothing this well equipped for less even at 10,000 miles per year.

I love the car, but I’m not sure yet if I can justify keeping it given my business has moved to working remotely a lot more often. I wanted opinions, and in over 3 years here, there has never been a shortage of those :slight_smile:


Put it up and see what happens


Yes, list it here (as it costs nothing to do so) and see if there are any takers.

Is it a unicorn, no. Is it a bad deal, no. I think someone looking for Dravit gray and the miles will take it on swapalease. You might need to through an extra $500-$1500 for someone here to take it.

Also, which Gtechniq coating did you apply? I have the crystal light serum and it is okay, not as great as I was expecting but it is an entry level coating.

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The only thing attractive about your lease is the mileage allowance. For ~$750/mo, people probably would pay for a M3/M4.

It is the crystal light serum. I like it on this color, and didn’t want to pay thousands for a coating since it was a lease, but wanted to protect the paint since it was a $2000 option. It does make it a lot easier to wash and I don’t have the usual things sticking to it.

I honestly didn’t think anyone on here would take it since it’s just an ok deal for them. It was a better deal for me as I got the $500 post sale rebate, true sign and drive, and the dealer paid the $1000 shipping.

I agree. I needed the mileage at the time and deal was structured to have 0 out of pocket including shipping. I’d probably get an M3/M4 like I’ve seen on here too, and looked at a few but they got a lot less attractive at 15k miles.

Your only chance is putting it on swapalease and every forum you can think of.

Do it before 35 other people with M340’s come to the realization that they have an extra car for no reason, their WFH status became permanent etc etc.

Don’t sit around asking for opinions. Opinions don’t move cars.



The threads here for the swapping out of leases seem to have gone up notably as of late.

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Definitely not a bad deal. Should move

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Keep it until the last year, then transfer it(or when and if the tires are boarder line). It’ll have a ton of miles left and you could probably get some cash back. Or ditch it now.

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Definitely swapalease has a better luck. If you are doing no down, you may find many people in the market who do not have BMW loyalty. So for those, SAL deals seem much better. Once you do find a taker, if they ask for an incentive, maybe offer crediting them back the transfer fee

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I transferred out of my $66k M340i xDrive for an effective ~$645 after a down payment to me with right around 1k miles/month. I think you’d be able to get out of it with no incentive, or maybe a minimal one.

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So bigger question. Why did it take a pandemic for customers to realize that you could service them equally effectively remotely? Perhaps the pandemic is the start of a new wave of remote work forever! That would not be a bad thing for productivity, family life, the economy and environment!!

Even if the pandemic clears, why should employers now insist that all their workers come back to offices? Maybe savvy employers should look for ways to save on commercial real estate.

For me it was the fact that I have a network consulting business. I already had remote access to servers and workstations, but when the pandemic hit, it was my clients who asked me to set them up so they could work remotely, setup VOIP phone systems, etc. So my change in situation was due to what the businesses I support were doing.

I think the smartest ones (where their business would allow) did a number of years ago and others are scampering to now. Ive been WFH for close to 10 years.

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