What are Loaner mileage adjustments?

What kind of adjustments are usually applied by MB dealers to a loaner with 3,500 miles? I got an offer which only shows the MSRP, sale price, misc. taxes and fees: no RV/MF/Incentives. Plugging the provided numbers and MF/RV/Incentives from Edmunds into the calculator I got a payment which is $100 less than the quoted one.
They assured me they used the base MF. I wonder what numbers were fudged by the dealer for the loaner

I already sent them an email asking to explain the discrepancy

This has been discussed many times. Use the search feature in the future.

(Miles - 3000) * .20, so it’s lowered by $100.

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Thank you very much.

Edmunds gave me .00118 MF but the dealer insists that it’s .0013. Interesting that all other people on Edmunds received .0013 answer and only I got .00118 for Zip 21209

It’s a small difference. You can always try to negotiate a higher discount on the SP to hit the desired MP you want