What am I missing? BMW i3 Lease Offer doesn't match calculator

Got this offer from a local BMW dealer. (See photo)

I entered the numbers into the calculator as best I could, but something doesn’t quite line up.
This is with 7 MSDs, and 1500 loyalty + 7500 federal rebate.
Are there just additional fees that they’re not showing me here?

The calculator is saying $294 after taxes, but the dealer is showing $371 per month.
Where’s that extra coming from?!?! Am I entering something into the calculator wrong?
The MSD number also doesn’t match, but I’m guessing that’s just from the difference in the monthly payments.

Lease Calculator Link

Really appreciate the help here, I’m pretty confused as to what is going on. Maybe it’s something funky how they’re doing the rebates?

Your down payment (CCR) amount was wrong. This is close.

Oh, so those other costs need to be removed from the down payment, got it.

If your monthly payment is taxed, then why is there sales tax of 1976? Seems high. Are you sure that the sum of the base payments isn’t taxed? You didn’t mention your state which might answer a few questions.
What the dealer provided you is pure garbage. The terminology is horrendous and does not conform to Fed. Reg, M- Consumer Retail Leasing. For instance, there are only two types of cap cost; gross and adjusted. The 47,200 is not a cap cost, it’s the sell price as you have correctly identified. The 49,896.47 appears to be the gross cap. No where do I find the adjusted cap. However, given the information, it appears that the adj. cap is 38,133.15. This suggests that your total cap reduction is 11,763.32… the difference between the gross and the adjusted. So, the remaining 2,536.68 (14,300 - 11,763.32) remains unaccounted. We know that part of the cap reduction is the 9,000 rebate which leaves 2,763.32 as the remaining cap reduction… close to 2800 shown on the sheet.
Your total drive off is 14,300 (includes rebate) of which 11,763,32 is cap reduction. So, the remaining 2,536.68 is likely up front fees including the first payment and probably the acquisition fee plus, God only know what else.It appears your total out of pocket is 5,300 ( customer cash). Thus, you’re contributing 2,763.32 (5,300 - 2,536.68) toward the cap reduction…
Suggest you get a detailed itemization. What bothers me is the 2,536.68. Also, you don’t seem to be getting much of a discount off MSRP (8.5%). Do some research on selling price. Also, do not spend money on a cap reduction. A car is a depreciating asset. A total loss places your cap reduction at risk.