We're Back! And a Message to All Leasehackrs

direct donation on its way thanks to all.

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Educational and fun, count me in.

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Thank you all for your generosity! Really touched by the support we are getting from this community.

Yes Patreon does take a whooping 8% fee on top of the 2.9% + 30c Stripe charges to process the payment. I just set up a recurring donation page that connects directly to our Stripe account (skipping the Squarespace and Patreon transaction fee). For those of you who have already made the monthly donation on Patreon, if you can cancel on Patreon and re-donate directly on our website, it will help us keep more of what you give.

We are looking into getting more tech support from the community so we can set up these kinds of tech features a lot quicker. We much rather give the 8% back to the community (we are all about optimizing our value here :money_mouth_face:). Gathering tech talents here can also help us with site maintenance and feature development that the community has been brainstorming (remember our grand vision to scrape the web for RV/MF? :laughing: We did manage to accomplish that at the early stage of LH until certain source sites changed its data access policies…)


Leasehackr’s official birthday is March 29. :blush:


Thank you for all the generous contributions to the Tech Support Fund.

Supporter badges have been implemented! Note that if you’re a Dealer, Broker, or Trusted Hackr, those badges will continue to take precedent.

In just three days, our donations are now at $151 per month (Patreon + direct), plus $611 single-pay, from our 37 supporters.


Cancelled Patreon and re-subscribed for direct donations. Saved 20% off of MSRP by doing that :joy:


Lets do it then !!! Too late for this year but still.
Btw, Happy Belated Birthday LH family !

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I also cancelled Patreon and switched to direct. Thanks for creating this community, and am happy to do what I can to support!


Not a big decal guy, but wish one was available for Leasehackr. Not sure how long it has been sold out, but this would be a good time to bring it back.


New to leasehakr, and just made a donation to help out.


Is there a Venmo I can send my donation to directly? Apple Pay issues…

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So happy to be able to give back. And glad you came up with a monthly option without exhorbitant fees. @michael and @littleviolette you guys are the ones putting in the time and work, the funds should go to you for your dedication to such an awesome platform!

Proud to wear a Supporter badge (even if it is hidden)! :wink:


Made a small contribution… happy to support… the conversations are enjoyable, even the ones that go sideways :slight_smile:

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Contributed to my fave website😀


Just donated - thanks for everything you do to keep the site going!

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Especially the ones that go sideways!!!

Thank you! Donated and would like an “annual” drive like wikipedia does tbh.


I think you’re already sideways, and that makes them right side up.

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done. thanks!

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@michael @littleviolette

Thanks for the wonderful Platform and I know its not easy to keep it up and running 24/7.

I have done my small bit to support your efforts and signed up for the monthly plan.

Continue the good work.