Went to the dealership yesterday, big mistake

I have a Lexus lease up next month so I decided to go to a Lexus dealership and check some cars out. Really looking for an SUV and liked the RX350L.

The dealer would not budge on MSRP at ALL. The car was $56xxx for 36m/15k miles with only the current $2500 incentive with $2k down and taxes and fees up front and they wanted $608/m for it. He wouldn’t even take the key fob leather case off. They were also pretty shady as they wouldn’t give me any of the MF/RV info as well. Really frustrating since I liked the car a lot too.

Any ideas?

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Try to Hack a deal with a loaner like this:


Use CarGurus for your zip code and you can see car around and email those dealers for the price:


Yeah, don’t go to the dealer except to test drive. And contact every dealer in your area.


Uh do what we always say on here, negotiate online and get multiple quotes?! Or just settle for the deal you were offered and know you got hosed. Lexus discount should be 12% before incentives


Which Lexus model are you returning?

Been semi shopping for a Lexus last month or so. A fair number of dealers seem hard to work with it’s bizarre. Some asking for full msrp for an lc500 or an RCF is crazy. Shopped a quote I received to a few dealers and got an inadvertent email chain that called me a liar even though the quote was in writing.
Zero discount off an RX has to be an even bigger joke with how much inventory there is.

Sounds like a goodbye instead of a good buy. Keep shopping and be willing to travel if the local yokels aren’t in the mood to move metal.


They need to give you MF and Residual. Otherwise, bye! Download the Leasematic calculator from app store. It’s $2 but so helpful to back in the numbers! I am in the process of trying to do a lease now and it’s a lifesaver.


I THINK Lexus loaner has a different calculation, not like those German brand…which would make the lease worst than a new car?

Anyone has a thought?

IS300 F Sport.

Yeah I left. I went in initially looking for a test drive and the guy wanted to sell me the car after so I heard him out. Dude tried to hose me so I walked out. Have no intention of ever doing business with them.

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Sad thing is, plenty of people go for first and worst pitch. I just want to hit them with a dummy stick and put them in a corner with a dunce cap. Lol…


I went to a dealer today and when I asked for residual and money factor the guy told me “I don’t have time to give you breakdowns” and everything was “about this much”. Frankly I went just to get a test drive but I figured I’d the guy a shot. Rude. No idea how they expect to warm up to people with that kind of attitude.

I would go out of my way to not give that place business now.


Good lord.

Why not save yourself the time and aggravation and work with a really cool, amazing Lexus broker?


Wonder where you could find one of those… :kissing:


If a sales person doesnt have time to give you breakdowns, ask for the manager. Then, tell the manager that the sales person doesnt have time for you so you want to directly negotiate with him or her, or ask for a different sales person.

Dont ever talk to the same person again. If they insists on the same person, walk away!!!

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If that’s how they do business, I’d think you’d be better off trying another Lexus dealer.

This is my first post. I have been learning a lot about leasing from this forum, thank you for this information. So is the max discount on a Lexus vehicle about 12 percent, excluding dealer cash and incentives? Also, does Lexus offer tax credits?

I won’t say Max. There is no Max. Max is whatever you can negotiate with God of Luck on your side. 12% shudnt be too hard to get thu. I managed 13% in a couple of cases but it’s diminishing returns at that point.