Well, were having twins... time to get a minivan?

Anyone out there with three little kids? My wife and I are having twins this fall and our oldest will be turning 2.

We currently have two leased vehicles, Highlander and IS300. Will keep the Highlander and ditch the Lexus. Maybe put on swapalease? Its due next May.

For the new vehicle I have mentally come to terms with the minivan but will go with an SUV and if anyone has had success with kids these ages. Apparently three car seats is challenging. I also need a payment less than $500.

Any advice would help! Thanks guys!

Minivan is your answer.

See if Toyota will buy your IS300 and get into a Sienna. I think an XLE can potentially be had for under $500, but depends on supply. I have a Limited with 3 (and soon 4) kids and there is no substitute for the functionality.

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Thank you, also I apologize, I see a lot of posts on this topic from last year.

Check the threads on people selling their leases to CarMax, Carvanna, Algo, etc. too to evaluate your options for getting out of the IS early.

Congratulations! Wonderful news


Depends on what seats… some are like 25% wider than others.

Lol memories. I got a Ford Expedition lease for 199.99+ tax. Base model with a bench seat. Fit all 3 car seats on that big ass bench.

Good luck on your search, and congrats!

In this market, I can see a sucker paying triple that, no sweat.


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The new Kia Carnival looks amazing. It doesn’t even look like a van.


Even the largest SUVs will not be nearly be as practical as a minivan.

Large SUVs will probably not fit in this budget.


Hard to find a deal right now though.

Only my le sienna is under 500 this month. Xle will be a little over. If you can wait for july my Xle has been under 500 in the past.

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The carnival is fantastic. It’s basically a telluride/palisade with sliding doors and more space.


What does it look like?


It’s helluva expensive though.


The modern minivans are comfy as hell and practical. Ive thought about getting one just so I can throw a portable toilet in the back for easy pee breaks on roadtrips. Lots of room for activities

Just get a minivan and enjoy the practicality of it. The carnival like said before is an amazing vehicle. Getting a deal on one or finding one gonna be the trick. Wife and I just went through this. We ended up buying a Pacifica Touring L for 20% off. She hated the thought of a minivan and after having it for a few days she absolutely loves it.

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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. My wife and I had twins last July. We got a Palisade in anticipation. We have 2 dogs that we travel to see parents with regularly. I love the Palisade, but considering the current market, we’re strongly considering selling our Palisade to Carvana and going with a Carnival.


You can’t beat a box (even if sculpted) on wheels for capacity/function.