Well Fargo Lease Transfer Terms? Sierra Denali

Does anyone know whether Wells Fargo allows lease transfers? If so, what are the pertinent terms? Looking for transfer fee, how soon into the lease and how late into the lease it’s allowed, whether the transferee has to be in the same state as the transferor, etc.

Not sure if it makes any difference, but it’s for a 2017 Sierra Denali ultimate. I’m enjoying the truck, but I’d like to know all my options, as I got a low monthly payment that someone might want.

Thanks in advance!

What state are you in?

I’m in Tennessee. Typing because it needs to be 20 characters.

What do you owe? I might be interested in buying…

I’m really not sure, but I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be a particularly good deal to buy at this point, just a couple of months after leasing it. I think the value to someone comes in the form of the low monthly lease payment, as it doesn’t look like people are having much luck replicating.