WE BUY CARS - STELLAR AUTO BMW MAY DEALS:22 x3 demos 21 x5 nd x7 inventory

PM’d you on the 540ix.

Is the bmw motor club rebate available on this too? and is there any msd’s or any rebates in that price already?

on what car ?

the x6 m sport

it is with msds
and all rebates are used
I edited the post

do you know how much i would be looking at w out msds

Jut saw this
$42 more a month

2019 bmw 540xi msrp 67,335 $499 month

new price on 540xi
$479 a month

sick 540 deal

Hi, is the 540 still available?

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What good deals do you have now plz?
Thanks for sharing!!!

They are posted

I’m interested in the x5 still available?

I think so
are you clear with the numbers ?

Is the 340 still available? I’m confused on the options? What packages does it have?

the options sheet is pretty clear

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Sorry, I realized that shortly after. Just out of curiosity, are there any other 340s available with different color combos? Thanks.

I post what I have
Thank you

I’ll take the 340 if it’s still available?