Was This Finally “Peak Insanity” in Used Vehicle Prices? And all other crystal ball questions

The funnier thing is “market price” is $71k on these $100k+ vehicles. Are 22s going for that low?

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MB always lose huge amount of value first 2 years, If you lease just know your not going to buy it out.

Compounded with the fact that nobody wants these they had to sell them to teenagers


maybe I;m out of loop but why no one wants EQS? any thread about it?

Their ugly??? And priced so poorly. It is not worth the 100-120k price tag that it carries with it


The market for $100k+ luxury sedans had tanked recently. Not only Mercedes but Tesla, Lucid, and others are having similar issues selling their cars. A dealer near me has 40+ BMW iXs in stock.

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I’m still down for pizza meet- looks like we can do it early given the market lol

iX isn’t a sedan though.

My problem with iX is that is Lyriq sized and not 3 row SUV sized. At $100K+ for an EV I think the market is limited.

I used the iX as an example of issues even with SUV sales. Sedan market is much worse off nowadays.

i4 has definitely softened 330i/530i numbers on non loyalty lease.

iX has an affordability problem for buyers who otherwise would have been looking at 23 X5 but with 24 X5 leasing less than stellar have seen more cross shopping.

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If you drive a lot, Hard not to go with tesla and the super charger network


Hello think tank!
-Currenlty in a 22 rubicon 4xe lease with a 460/month payment. Lease terminates in March 2025.
-Hopefully the order banks open this month as I plan on puchasing the 2024 TRX. Given used car prices are starting to deflate, I am wondering if its better to get rid of the jeep now. I do have a spare car at home but up to 2-3x/month maximum, I have a scheduling conflict with the wife and am thinking I could just rent a car for those days. Even if I sell the jeep at a slight loss, I feel like I am coming out ahead given the duration of lease term remaining.
-Any other things to consider here? I know the timeline to receive the truck is open ended and it could possibly be a year wait from when I order it, but even then I would still have a year worth of payments left on the jeep and doubt there will be any equity left vs. selling for a higher loss.

Thank you in advance!

This is really personal preference. Nobody knows what the used market is going to do and this risk of renting a car is going to eat away at the marginal gains you’ll have. And by the time the TRX is built who knows what interest rates are, and you might be staring down a near 2k payment when right now you’re locked into a pretty low one. When the TRX is built you can also decide what’s worth keeping based on the market and pricing. As much as I’d prefer to drive a 392 for instance, the gas and the payment tend to make the 4xe the one that sticks around.

Thankfully with 4xes we can see what prices look like for the 21s, 22s and 23s so there’s some past performance you can look at.


Thank you! Get the 392!

  • So your saying: dont give up a sure thing (locked in low payment) for the gamble of a uncertain future. Would your opinion sway if I said: I would keep the TRX regardless of the payment and concern would be to be in a big hole to get rid of the 4xe. Other thought process was I get rid of the 4xe and pick up a lease transfer/swap for 1 yearish term remaining?

If you don’t use it, get rid of it.


Is this in regards to the 4xe?

Again personal preference and maybe your gut on where the markets headed. I had a keeper 22 4xe that I didn’t expect to get rid of but I got a strong offer on it and replaced it with a WRX. Then got another 4xe.

In 2-3 months when you need a car, how often are you going to need a rental, what does that cost? That might be more expensive vs. keeping the 4xe.

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Yes (but it applies to any vehicle).

Look at the annual costs of payment + fuel + insurance vs renting/Uber for what… 20 days a year?

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Well I have the wife’s car and scheduling conflict only 2-3 x month at max. But I totally understand what your saying and thank you for the insight.
@max_g Thank you!

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