Was This Finally “Peak Insanity” in Used Vehicle Prices? And all other crystal ball questions

There’s cars we’re going a good bit back of invoice on.


Lots of discounts on used RX350s all the sudden. Even bigger discounts on Chevy and GMC

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The Inflation Reduction Act (LOL) was sort of a Cash for EV Clunkers if you think about it.


That’s simply not true. My friend ordered a 911 at MSRP a month or two ago with delivery this December 2022. Long lists for maybe the GT3 or something rare but a regular 911 is coming within 90 days of ordering.


Nothing about the used car market is too big to fail. I’d wager a lot of money the only relief Caravan is getting will be in bankruptcy court.

Maybe someone wants to really read into the CBO scoring but my 5 minute review indicates the IRA’s tax credits actually cost less than the previous simple $7,500 framework through about FY25. To make the IRA revenue neutral allowing passages in reconciliation they attached so many conditions to getting the EV credit that actual costs go way down, especially in the short term before manufacturers adjust to the new rules.

It starts getting much more expensive than the old scheme in a few years when nearly every automaker would have otherwise hit the tax credit phaseout threshold.

Now I’m quite certain I’ve heard that somewhere before. I just can’t quite put my finger on it :crazy_face:

Either way, I’m glad I sold my '23 Wrangler Rubicon 4Xe to Carvana last month and the check cleared :money_mouth_face: :star_struck:


Amen. I think the MSRP on my Taco SR was 27k and the invoice was maybe 26k or 26.2k? Where my real Toyota deals are at is fleet pricing - we leased under invoice on that deal.

What dealer?

I think this past week was the biggest drop in used truck prices I’ve seen so far. Loaded 2021 Ford F150 Platinum Powerboost with under 30k miles for low 60s! Now just need some special rates lol.

My mind is still blown at how expensive trucks are. I mean yeah, I realize trucks today are just luxury SUVs with a bed. But still my mindset is trucks of 30 years ago that were cheap and only used by construction workers and yard guys. So $60K being cheap for a used F150, my brain has a hard time processing.


I think RAM still makes a base work truck, might even still have crank windows and auto transmission being optional.

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You should see how expensive Box trucks are.

Box trucks, work vans, and trucks with construction tool storage sell so easily!

Ram Classic RCSB cheap V8 with a decent bed - all the truck anyone ever needs

Not sure about the Tradesman like by my FIL has always been a Dodge guy and owned a succession of lower trim Rams. If you are willing to forego things like leather, heated seats, any/auseable touch screen etc… They were always under 40k and a pretty affordable lease. Of course, most people aren’t willing to forego those niceties.

I think this everytime I get in a high trim model. Then I start driving. I don’t get it. They just seem much less comfortable than a unibody SUV. To each his own.

The Ford Maverick is under $30K.

I rented a Ram 1500 Classic a few weeks ago on vacation (not by choice, they didn’t have our car and offered us that) and it wasn’t too bad for a pretty stripped base model truck. Really making me want a truck next go around. Granted I’d probably opt for something closer to a TRX than a base Classic, but it was a good time.

I don’t even consider those trucks lol - towing capacity is a joke especially on the hybrid which is main thing I would want

I have a really sick towing rig (big bubba engine suburban 2500) and I have towed exactly 0 things with it. Not even a bike rack. I just throw stuff/do adult things in the back, which I could probably do in a maverick with a bit of creativity.


Am I misunderstanding your wording or do you use your suburban as a fuck shack?