Was I tricked into something?

A couple of weeks ago I emailed a Lexus dealer in Illinois about leasing a 2019 NX F-Sport. She simply asked if I would name my price and they would see what was possible. I asked for 11% off of MSRP, plus the $1500 Lexus lease cash. I would put down in cash $500. She came back with $518/mo for 36 months/12k per year with $2200 total down (she kept saying including taxes). I assumed the down payment ($2200) included my $1500 rebate. This was what I also came up with using the leasehackr calculator. She said this would be putting down around $2200 total. With the calculator, this was the $1500 rebate, my $500 down, plus tax on the rebate and down payment (around $200).

So, I made the three hour trip. I agree to their price in person and we shake hands and start the paperwork. I then find out that the $2200 down was NOT including the $1500 Lexus rebate, it was in fact ALL the tax for the vehicle. Then, I had to make the first payment on top of that and a bunch of other fees. AND, they didn’t actually discount the MSRP 11%, it was only about 7 or 8%. I’ll attach the offer sheet.

I will take the blame for not asking/clarifying exactly what the $2200 down was. During my test-drive I asked the salesperson if that included the $1500, and she said yes. But I didn’t have it anywhere in an email to prove it.

After I backed out on the deal, they spent another two hours trying to talk me into a more expensive deal on the same vehicle. I should have walked away, but I’m too nice maybe? I probably should have been more upset. Needless to say, it felt great to get in my car and drive home.

Was I taken, or was this 100% on me for not asking about what the downpayment included? Is it common to pay all of the sales tax up front and not divided into monthly payments? All of the other estimates I have received from other dealers they combine it into the monthly payments. The numbers also worked in the calculator, since I had assumed they were really giving me 11% off of MSRP. They gave me a low payment, but only got it that low because no tax was figured in.


Do not assume anything with dealerships:) everything in writing. Even if they said it out loud it doesn’t mean much until it is in writing.
Lol even after that it may not be accurate:)

But, should have just left as soon as learned it’s not the deal that was agreed upon.
As for tax - NY state requires to pay all lease sales tax upfront for example.
See it is in your state.

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if you have to type all of that to explain it, yes they were probably fucking around with you and you were right to leave if you weren’t happy with the deal. end of story

don’t put cash down on a lease


I live in Missouri, it is not required to pay the tax up front. Just on the down payment.

Sorry but totally on you. You have to ask for a full break down prior to heading to the dealership.

Just the other day I was emailing back and forth with the dealer and she replied back " I have great news call me…" when I asked if they can do the offer I presented. Well I told her to email me as I have no interest in talking over the phone the “great news” was a discount of HALF of what I wanted. They will play games and you need to confirm prior to doing anything.

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She meant great news for the dealer!


As mentioned, everything in writing.

If I’m heading somewhere that is 3 hours away, I want every last detail in writing before making the trip.


You drove three hours without confirming the deal in writing? You’re a bolder man, than I!

I think you know what you need to do for next time. At least you figured it out!

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Is it required though? Having leased cars and family members who leased cars we all have put the tax into the payment when we asked

Honestly I think a lot of sales people don’t really understand the finances of leases so it’s just as likely you sent over your request and this person went through the usual managerial layer and got the usual boiler plate deal they spit out. The best thing you can do is know every aspect of the deal and question every number provided that isn’t what you asked for. Don’t leave room for assumptions.

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I think it’s the law in NY state to collect and prepay all sales tax for car registered in NY state.
If you total the car few days later state still keeps the tax:) very nice for them:)

I’m from CT and if I’m getting a car in NY state they will roll the tax.

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All of this confusion can easily be eliminated by educating yourself… learn lease terminology and how to do all the lease calculations. Do your homework! Ask for the dealer’s lease worksheet and vet all the data. All negotiating should be done via email by crafting a one-page lease proposal… look around this site, I’ve posted plenty of them. I never ever go into a dealership except to test drive and sign documents. Spending hours at a dealership is a HUGE waste of time.

You’re allowing the dealer to control the deal. You must control the deal, not the dealer. If you do all that, there is no way you’re going to be tricked into anything. Otherwise, you have no one to blame but yourself.

While true, you can roll the tax. Others in NY have done so. I forget how it works though. IIRC, the captive pays it upfront on your behalf, and you pay them back monthly.

@max_g, @nyclife or @aronchi would know for certain.

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I’ve posted on a few different threads how it works and how the tax calculations are done when capped in NY. …

I rolled my taxes into my lease. I’m from NY.

The math isn’t the question. The question was pertaining to doing it. Once done, I don’t remember how it’s handled. Like I said, IIRC, the captive (or dealership) pays it up front to NY on your behalf and you pay them back monthly with your payment. Thus the reason I tagged 3 New Yorkers to confirm or correct my suspicion.

Yes, the dealer pays it upfront for you and then you are just financing the sales tax as part of the lease. Same as NJ.

If you move out of state, you would still be responsible for the monthly portion paying back NY tax, then you would be taxed on your total monthly payment, thus paying tax on tax.


Thanks…that answered the question.

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I wonder what the lease sheet said… … … …

Thanks. I missed posts you can roll it and it’s good to know.